Relief the cell power for self-healing

OA, what you should know

A. prevalence of OA

1. epidemiology, the most serious muscular skeletal disease

2. syndrome

3. diagnosis: four grades

B. Current treatment

1. HA

2. PRP

3. bone marrow aspirate

4. joint replacement

C. patients’ problems, the Unmet medical need

1. limitation of HA and PRP

2. limitation of joint replacement

OA, what you need is what we pursue

A. The cell therapy for OA

1. bone marrow aspirate and concentrate

2. stem cells

3. peripheral blood mononuclear cells

B. The advantages of cell therapy

1. tissue regeneration

2. anti-inflammation

3. long-term therapeutic effect

C. The convenience of cell therapy

1. automatic and authentic cell preparation

2. point-of-care

3. off-the-shelf


OA, the new cell therapy we provide

A. the unique cell properties: triple A

1. Autologous peripheral blood mononuclear cells

2. Automatic cell processing on site

3. Anti-inflammation with long-term effect

B. the key technologies

1. Cell isolation: routine peripheral blood isolation

2. Cell preparation: minimal manipulation

3. Cell property: does not alter the relevant biological characteristics of cells

C. Patent and knowhow

1. The cell isolation : stem cell enrichment

2. The cell preparation: cell culture medium and Nanchac instruments

3. The cell property: we try to enhance the anti-inflammatory and regenerative activities of the cells on muscular-skeleton tissues

About US, beyond the cell culture

A. Duogenic StemCells Corporation

1. two medical device factories in Taichung, Taiwan

2. ISO13485/ISO90001 certificates

3. class II GMP certificate in Taiwan

4. US FDA master files

B. Current products: clinical-orientated

1 cell culture medium

2. protein production

3. cell therapy